Prayer Jars

This past weekend, I missed a Ladies Retreat held by my sometimes church. My mother went as did a good friend of mine. This past Wednesday that same friend of mine, Danielle, and I had a breakfast gettogether. We were supposed to be making inspiration boards, but since we live in Georgia and the schools have been out, my children had to come with me, and it gets a little hard to focus on inspiration when you are trying to keep your kids busy! We got some breakfast bagels at Panera Bread, Yum! and headed to Danielle’s. My oldest daughter just loves Danielle because she sells jewelry. We ended up talking most of the morning and didn’t get much done since I had to go to work at 11:00. No inspiration boards were made but I sure was inspired! We talked about not “having it all together” and not trying to keep up with everyone. At the end, she said she had something for me. It was from the retreat. There just happened to be one left over after each woman got one and one lady gave it to Danielle to do what she wanted to with. Danielle just happened to think of me! How awesome. It really made my day to know that I was included in this retreat even though I wasn’t even there. The item was, of course, a prayer jar.


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