Bag Lady

My little shoulder strapping wallet purse was not cutting it anymore. With my new blogventure, I knew that I had to have my camera with me at all times. I have a pretty small camera, Nikon Coolpix of 2007, but it still wasn’t fitting in it. So much to my great anticipation, I received another $10 Kohl’s coupon. This is just like Kohl’s put a ten dollar bill in my mailbox. I must spend. So we rolled on over to Kohl’s of Chattanooga, three kids in tow and hoped for the best. First and only stop was the purse section. We perused, well I perused while the kids ran around and then I chased after them. William wasn’t having it. A nice woman even mentioned my peril. She was sweet. So this was so worth it, because I found a perfect sized purse, on clearance, stylish enough for Spring, within 15 minutes of entering the store.

DSCN3029 DSCN2994 DSCN3016 RSCN3000I spent less than $10 on this super cute purse, thanks to Kohl’s.

One thought on “Bag Lady

  1. Very nice! Interesting, I just saw a very similar one at belk. Didn’t check price but sure it wasn’t close to your bargain!!


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