Success Is a Funny Thing

Everyone’s definition of success is different. Bill Gates is successful but so is the man down the street who works over 50 hours a week as a janitor to support his family. The funny thing is, is that not everyone is supportive of another’s success. Even those closest to a person can be the least supportive of their success. Those people, sometimes, don’t even realize how unsupportive they are being. The fact is that, not everyone’s level of success is the same.

How do you define success? The American Heritage Dictionary defines success as a noun being the achievement of something attempted. I have seen a lot of people attempt various tasks and achieve a result. Is that success? Does the achievement have to be the desired result or just an end result? I have attempted many things and have gotten results but not the results I desired. I sure didn’t feel successful. On the other hand, I have worked hard to obtain a desired result and something completely different happens and I feel overwhelmingly successful. Success is a funny thing, indeed.

I recently achieved a personal status goal of becoming a freelance writer. I have been working on this for years. In the beginning, I didn’t realize my goal was even to become a freelance writer. It seemed like an unobtainable idea in the beginning. I read about other people’s success stories and often felt bewildered. It seemed like things just happened for other people, like they were destined for success and I was not.

You get lost a lot on the path to success. I think that you have to create your own definition of success or you will never be able to obtain it. You can’t expect anyone, even those you really want to acknowledge it, to give you the affirmation you may want or need. Sometimes, the person you want to acknowledge your success is wanting the same exact thing from you. You can get so caught up in your personal success that you overlook someone else’s success, even when you feel your success is just as important. Their little success can be greater than your big success.

Lately, I have been a little too caught up in my own success. I have failed to be supportive of those closest to me. I haven’t supported their successes, rightfully. My little sister, who gracefully graduated high school, with honors, finished a lifetime of piano lessons, and is on her way to becoming an adult. She is an adult, who is about to embark on a year filled with new lessons, new friends and even a new residence (England!). My dad, who is taking his chances with writing as well. My husband, who recently prayed with his grandmother to ask Jesus Christ into her heart.

How could I have become so unsupportive of other’s successes? It happens because we work so hard to be successful. We put so many hours into what we believe will achieve us success. We forget the many tiers of success. I had forgotten how big a little success can be. I forgot how important it is to acknowledge other’s successes. You can celebrate their success even if they aren’t celebrating yours.

You might be surprised at how successful that makes you feel.

Today's mini-success: bring your kids to work and survive
Today’s mini-success: bring your kids to work and survive

2 thoughts on “Success Is a Funny Thing

  1. Jenny I really like what you said about creating your own definition of success. I think that is really true! Some neat thoughts about success! Bravo to you!! And very neat to hear about Levi’s grandmother 🙂


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