When Life Hands You Roses, Make Bouquets

It’s strange when things just fall into your lap. My mother’s birthday was this past Sunday. My goal for her gift was a coral scarf and a bouquet of flowers.

Let’s start back at the Friday before. I had to go to another town to get some title paperwork taken care of, and there just happens to be a Goody’s there. We scoped the entire store and could not find a coral scarf. We did, however, happen upon this pretty scarf.

Floral Infinity Scarf
Scarf found here: http://www.stagestores.com/store/product/basha-navy-multicolor-floral-abstract-loop-scarf/236448/

I personally liked it a lot, and felt like it would be a good choice.

Now, I wanted to get her a bouquet of flowers as well. Wildflowers are usually a good choice but I was short on time to get to pick them up. I worked at an event on Saturday that lasted for around eight hours. I just didn’t have the time to do anything, let along shop for flowers. At the end of the event (wedding), the catering group was cleaning up and they had left 2 large floral arrangements. I have to make sure everything is cleaned up so I went and made sure they knew these two arrangements were still there.

Guess what? They were going to throw them away!!! I had to save them. There were so many roses and I couldn’t bear them being thrown away. As I was pulling the flowers out of the arrangement I realized that my mother’s birthday arrangement was literally laying in front of me! I was a bit hard to let them go, since I wanted to keep them but they were the perfect bouquet for a birthday.

leftover roses
leftover roses, my own photo
leftover flowers
leftover flowers, my own photo
Birthday Bouquet
Birthday Bouquet, my own photo
Mini Rose Bouquet
Mini Rose Bouquet, my own photo

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