Into the future

airport, miss you
photo from; quote is my own

Life has been happening way too fast. I’m busy, everyone else is busy, life is busy. What is crazy, is that I have been writing more than I ever have… just no posts to prove it. I am working on automating posts, so I can get on a better schedule since I have so much else going on (in real life)!

I think that I have spent my whole life living in the future and now I just want to live in the moment, which is a hard transition. I’m always trying to plan for something that is occurring in the future and miss what is happening right now. I think, that is the advice that I want to relate on this post. Life is happening and now is the best time to live it.

Life can’t be lived 5 days away, or 5 weeks away or 5 years away. Life is to be lived now. I look back at moments when I should have life memories and my memory is of how I was waiting for something to happen in the future. There is so much happening today, even if it all makes for a forgettable day.

You may find that on even the dreariest of days, something happens that changes your life.

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