Rollover Goals

So this year, instead of having “resolutions,” I have decided to have “rollover goals.”
I want all of my ideas and plans to flow to the next day, next week, next month and next year. I kinda-sorta got the idea from my AT&T phone plan, since it has roll-over data, so each month it’s like getting a bonus of what I didn’t use the previous month.

I want my plans to feel like that. I want to make it to the next month and feel like it’s a bonus that I get to try again to accomplish all the goals I had for the previous month. I do not want to feel like I let myself down because I wasn’t able to get to it that month.

So to make a long story short, here are the goals that I am going to focus on today, next week, next month and next year!

My Number 1 Rollover Goal is Savings: my older, smarter, wiser and super awesome gift giver of a sister gave me a PassionPlanner for Christmas. Technically it was a birthday gift but my birthday is in October and the timing was perfect to wait until Christmas for a new planner. It actually arrived in January, so even better!

photo from

Don’t know what a Passion Planner is? Go to and check it out. Before I received this in the mail, I was actually using my 7 year old’s elementary school agenda as my planner because I was trying to be frugal and not spend the money on a real planner.

I am also doing the Live Richer Challenge by, it’s so awesome and I highly recommend it. It actually ties into my Passion Planner perfectly because my passion this year is to SAVE!

photo from

My other goals include; painting, organization, travel, having fun and reading more. I hope to highlight on these here on the blog throughout the year, as basically an accountability checkpoint.

So wondering how I’ve done so far in January?

Here goes:

Savings:I have decided to save 1% income this month and add a percent to each month from here on out. I am the world’s worst saver and this makes it feel like a game. It’s also a baby step to saving.

Painting: Nothing yet. I know, it’s pretty sad – I promise to work on this one. I am really excited about a couple ideas I have had for months. I also want to test out watercolors. They have always seemed intimidating but it’s just paint, right?

Organization: Ummmm, my dad just bought a set of clear plastic bins from Costco and I get one! It’s too exciting thinking about what I can store in that bin.


photo from google images

Yes, this is the bridge that I will have to travel in July to get to Saint George Island, but I promise I will do it, for the sake of traveling.

Having Fun: Movies and trying new activities with my kids! So far, we went to see “The Revenant”, sans kiddos, and it was great. I love seeing movies in the movie theatre. I also saw “Sisters” with, who else, my little sister, she’s 19. Pretty hilarious, and they even did little note cards!!

photo from google images

Last but certainly not least, I want to read more. I love reading but I have been wanting to read Gone Girl for like a year and that is plain sad. I will read more!

photo from google images

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