It’s Sunday night, Do you know where your groceries are?

Every mom’s nightmare… It’s Sunday night and you aren’t sure if your local grocer is open. Do you risk the mayhem of Wal-mart or do you risk driving to the grocery store and it being closed? Thankfully, I risked it and our local Ingles is open until 11 p.m. on Sundays. Can I get an… Continue reading It’s Sunday night, Do you know where your groceries are?


and I’m not talking diapers, although I have those in my house at present. I am talking about a mid-week pampering someway, somehow. I have felt majorly burnt out and splurged on a free make-up box from Julep. All I paid was the $2.99 shipping and handling fee. IT just arrived today and in the… Continue reading Pampers

Prayer Jars

This past weekend, I missed a Ladies Retreat held by my sometimes church. My mother went as did a good friend of mine. This past Wednesday that same friend of mine, Danielle, and I had a breakfast gettogether. We were supposed to be making inspiration boards, but since we live in Georgia and the schools… Continue reading Prayer Jars