Easter 2015

I was aggravated because I was pushed to my limit. Do you think that Jesus was aggravated when He was pushed to his limit? Was He aggravated when His disciples slept, betrayed Him and doubted Him? Was He aggravated when He was up praying all night long, planning for everyone’s future and His own death?… Continue reading Easter 2015

Bag Lady

My little shoulder strapping wallet purse was not cutting it anymore. With my new blogventure, I knew that I had to have my camera with me at all times. I have a pretty small camera, Nikon Coolpix of 2007, but it still wasn’t fitting in it. So much to my great anticipation, I received another… Continue reading Bag Lady

It’s Sunday night, Do you know where your groceries are?

Every mom’s nightmare… It’s Sunday night and you aren’t sure if your local grocer is open. Do you risk the mayhem of Wal-mart or do you risk driving to the grocery store and it being closed? Thankfully, I risked it and our local Ingles is open until 11 p.m. on Sundays. Can I get an… Continue reading It’s Sunday night, Do you know where your groceries are?